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    Flooded Screw Chillers

    Stepless capacity controlled Screw Chillers with flooded evaporators, MODBUS communication etc.

  • Reynold India Private Limited

    Precision Temperature Scroll Chillers

    High efficiency Precision Temperature Scroll Chillers for specific processes like for injection moulding machines

  • Reynold India Private Limited

    Reciprocating Chillers upto -50oC

    Single and multiple circuit Reciprocating Chillers for robust outdoor high ambient applications with largest temperature range

  • Reynold India Private Limited

    Variable Speed Chillers

    High efficiency Variable Speed Chillers with screw, scroll and reciprocating compressors for continuously varying load applications

  • Reynold India Private Limited

    Glycol Chillers upto -40oC

    Single/Multiple Refrigerant Glycol/Fluid Chillers upto -40oC fluid temperatures for specific industrial applications

  • Reynold India Private Limited

    Dual Temperature Chillers

    Dual temperature Screw Chillers with twin water circuits set as per specific temperature requirements like for the latest Tapeline processes

  • Reynold India Private Limited

    Milk and Beverage Chillers

    Food grade special metallurgy Chillers for milk, beverages, liquors, pulps etc. Cooling directly from +45oC upto -5oC

  • Reynold India Private Limited

    Cascade Low Temperature Chillers upto -55oC

    Cascade Chillers for ultra low temperature applications for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, gas liquefaction etc.

  • Reynold India Private Limited

    Customized Chillers
    Upto 1800TR

    Customized Chillers upto 1800TR capacity and
    -55oC Fluid Temperatures, for Oil & Gas,
    Nuclear, Defence, Solar Power and
    Aerospace Industries

India's No.1 in Process Chillers. Exporting to over 60 countries - US, EU...            

Ammonia Chillers upto -40oC

Natural refrigerant Ammonia Chillers upto 500 TR capacity and -40oC with low as well as high voltage motors

Batching Chillers upto 1oC

Batching Chillers with and without ice water storage, for concrete mixing applications

Hazardous Area Chillers

Highly customized Hazardous Area Chillers, with ATEX certifications, remote monitoring, for Oil & Gas

ASME Certifiation
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Absorption Chiller

AGO Reynold Absorption chillers with Temperature range upto (-) 20°C in collaboration with AGO AG of GERMANY for FROZEN MEAT and FROZEN FOOD.
These Absorption chillers use spare heat and temperature of hot water upto 110°C along with cooling water from cooling tower to produce large scale cooling upto (-) 20°C Meat Freezing , Ice cream freezing etc.

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